Totallysuperdeluxe’s aim is to design responsible works that create a sense of place for both the item that is crafted and the people that experience them. The palette is rich & considered, yet simple and modest with strong, clear statements. 


Jocelyn Joson is a textile designer, painter, stylist, consultant, local maker & doer currently living in New York City and has her studio in the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

Throughout her career in Interior Design she continued to be drawn to making works in textile, lighting, wood & metals.

In 2014 Jocelyn switched gears from Interior Design to Painter & Maker. She brings her personality & soul to the business of hand made products, intending to explore and frame a way of working. “Its about not being afraid to create a new path for yourself if you discover the one you’re on is no longer right for you”. After several years of looking at, selling, contemplating, tweaking, designing, collecting, sometimes coveting, and always appreciating and promoting the handmade, she became humbled by the act of making. She slipped into some other state of being. Who cared about email and texting: there was work to be done. Developing as a local maker was a way to reclaim personal meaning and validity in craft.

Old skills buried away for years came out. With a whole new appreciation for the
skilled hands that make so much of what we live with, Jocelyn wanted to savor the objects around us for their functionality, their beauty, their tender reminder of the human touch.

The emphasis is on craft & substance. Much of her work is by chance, materials
come to find her and their shape inform the content of the work. Her relationship to Interior Design influences the products she is making. The desire to learn,
enterprise, and a general love of aesthetics brought her to this meaningful and
rewardingly creative endeavor.

The path to this point has not been a straight one, but it has been rich with
experience that provides depth to her work.  In addition to design she has an
ability to scout for unique furnishings and interesting objets, with a keen eye
for the unusual and the exotic and is always open to pushing her creativity in
new directions.  Jocelyn studied at the Fashion Institute of Technology and
has been part of the Martha Stewart Living style & design team.